Planet Sheen is a CGI second spin-off series of Jimmy Neutron and Jimmy Neutron The Movie

broadcast historyEdit



Southeast Asia


Netherlands & Flanders


Season Pilot

Pilot 2010

Season 1

Is This Cute/The Boy Next Dorkus 2010

What's Up Chock/Joust Freinds 2010

Sheen for a Day/Well Bread Man TBA

Cutting the Ultra-Cord/Trial by Jerry 2010

Keeping Up with the Gronzes/Torzilla 2010

Thanksgetting/There's Something About Scary 2010

Act I Sheen I/Money Suits Sheen 2010

Washing My Sheen/Stuck in the Riddle With You TBA

Chock Around the Clock/The Oomlick Maneuver TBA

Ooze on First/Monster-Fighting Combat Strike Force TBA

To Chill A Mocking Blurg/Now You Sheen It TBA

Desperate Houseguests/Nesvidanya TBA

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